You can get CTA system maps and the Downtown Transit Sightseeing Guide at CTA headquarters, 'L' (rail) stations, Chicago airports, and certain visitor information centers (subject to availability). You can also call Customer Service to request brochures to be mailed to you.

Find schedule brochures in our Route & System Guides.

Note: Some of the following items were published before fare changes effective January 7, 2018. See Fares for the latest information.


Map brochures

System Map BrochureCTA System Map Brochure

 Brochure (text version)

 Español (text version)


RTA MapRTA System Map

This map includes information about the six county region overseen by the Regional Transportation Authority, and shows all of the Pace suburban bus routes and Metra rail lines, in addition to CTA service information.

 PDF Brochure (via



Downtown Transit Sightseeing GuideDowntown Transit Sightseeing Guide

This map shows the Loop area and North Michigan Avenue with icons that mark the major museums and sights downtown. It also shows the location of downtown hotels and includes riding instructions and information for downtown CTA service.

 PDF Brochure


Night Owl ServiceNight Owl Brochure

For all the Night Owls who need to get somewhere late at night. With information in English, Spanis and Polish inside and maps for all-night bus routes and rail lines.

English, Spanish and Polish
 PDF Brochure



Informational brochures


ADA BrochureAccessibility Brochure

The CTA is continuing to strive to be more accessible and user-friendly. This brochure contains information on how customers with disabilities can take advantage of the opportunities CTA's mainline service has to offer.

 Accessibility Brochure or Plain Text version

See also: Accessibility, Fares (Updated Recently)

Adopt a StationAdopt-A-Station Program

Become our partner. The CTA Adopt-A-Station Program. The Adopt-A-Station program gives organizations the opportunity to partner with the CTA to make rail stations more inviting and attractive. The program also helps the CTA identify more closely with neighborhoods it serves.

 Adopt A Station Brochure 



Bike & RideBike & Ride Program

CTA's year-round Bike and Ride Program allows bicycles on all train routes and on buses that are equipped with bike racks. Our Bike & Ride brochure provides detailed information on the program.

 PDF Brochure

See also: Bike & Ride in our How-To Guides




DIY Display BrochureDIY Transit Info Display

Set up a public display screen with information from CTA Bus Tracker and CTA Train Tracker in your shop, lobby or anywhere else people might find it useful!

PDF Brochure

Security TipsSecurity Tips for Bus & Rail Brochure

The safety and security of our customers is and will always be top priority at the CTA. This brochure offers tips on riding smart, traveling with children and showing courtesy toward fellow CTA customers.

 PDF Brochure

See also: Safety & Security page



Safety Tips at Railway Grade CrossingsSafety Tips at Roadway-Rail Grade Crossings

Learn the warning signs and devices that alert customers to the possible presence of a train—as well as rail grade crossing safety tips.

 PDF Brochure



Evacuation BrochureTrain Emergency Evacuation Instructions

Learn what to do in the event of an emergency on a CTA train.

See also: Safety & Security page

 PDF Brochure


iconTrain Emergency Evacuation Instructions for People with Disabilities

PDF Brochure (text version)




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