Sole Source & Disadvantageous Procurements

The Chicago Transit Authority posts current Sole Source and Disadvantageous contract opportunities on the CTA website for up to three weeks.  During this period the public will be invited to submit comments and/or suggestions related to the Sole Source and Disadvantageous contract opportunities.

Public comments and/or suggestions will only be accepted during the public posting period and will be provided to the Sole Source and Disadvantageous Review Committee (SDRC) for consideration. 

Sole Source and Disadvantageous Contract Opportunities
SDRC Procurement # Procurement Description


There are no noncompetitive procurements to list at this time.



Please submit your comments and/or suggestions for above Sole Source and Disadvantageous contract opportunities by completing the comments & suggestions form below and email to

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This process applies to the Non-Competitive procurements described in subsections 1.4 A and 1.4 D of the CTA Procurement Policies and Procedures

Sole Source and Disadvantageous procurements previously approved by the SDRC

Support and maintenance of Oracle ERP databases and associated licenses, Hyperion budgeting software, Inventory Management and Supply Chain modules and Business Intelligence (BI) enhancement modules.

Scope of Work

Upgrade Hastus Scheduling Software.

Scope of Work

A service to provide upwards of 50k per day
SMS text messages to customers (of various
cellular carriers) who have subscribed or
requested text messages for bus and train
arrival predictions.

Scope of Work

Repair parts for escalators manufactured and
distributed exclusively by Fujitec America, Inc. as
required for a period of up to 36 months.

Scope of Work

Maintenance and support of Clever Devices Ltd.’s equipment and software on 1,870 CTA buses and implementation of a Bus Transit Management System (BTMS) for three years with (2) one-year options.

Scope of Work

Thermo-King non-warranty contingent repairs as required.

Scope of Work

Offsite hosting, maintenance, licensing, and support of iManage for the Law Department’s legal document management system for a period of 36 months.

 Scope of Work

Escalator repair parts manufactured exclusively by Schindler Elevator Corporation

Scope of Work

Provide software maintenance and support to CTA’s Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software used to manage maintenance defect data and associated work orders. 

 Scope of Work

Parts and repair services which are performed at the vendor's facility for Genfare bus fare boxes.


Scope of Work


Genuine Hegenscheidt MFD Corp maintenance and repair parts

Scope of Work

Purchase of up to 2050 light emitting diode (LED) signs including preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance as scheduled and/or required; plus parts and installation.

Scope of Work

Repair parts as manufactured exclusively by Macton Corporation for use on bus and train hoisting equipment.

Scope of Work

Subscription services of the Oracle recruiting module Cloud based application. Services must include as one complete bundled solution/subscription service: licensing, hosting, support and upgrades for the Oracle recruiting module Cloud applications.

Scope of Work

Labor and parts for non-warranty repairs as required when warranty repair work is being performed on CTA's Allison transmissions or Allison hybrids.


Scope of Work


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