Multimodal Connections
Each CTA bus can accommodate two bicycles on front-mounted racks.

icon Multimodal Connections

The CTA coordinates planning efforts to link transit to complementary travel modes such as bicycling, car sharing and walking. We make every effort to provide additional travel options for customers that extend the reach and flexibility of our bus and rail service.

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CTA's Bike & Ride program was established to improve bicycle access to bus routes and rail stations. We continue to pursue bike-friendly initiatives to help reduce vehicle emissions and promote healthy transportation habits. 

  • Each CTA bus can accommodate up to two bicycles on front-mounted bicycle racks during all operating hours.  A demonstration bus-mounted bicycle rack is available outside of CTA headquarters at 567 W. Lake Street. 

  • Bicycles are permitted on CTA trains every weekday (except from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and in cases of extreme crowding).

  • Bicycle parking is available at about 130 of 144 CTA rail stations; of these, more than 80 stations provide sheltered bicycle parking.
  • CTA and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) continue to install bicycle racks where space allows and accept public requests for new bicycle parking.  We continue to expand Chicago’s bicycle infrastructure to provide convenient connections for transit customers.
  • CTA and CDOT have installed high-capacity sheltered parking structures at the following eight rail stations:
    • Damen (Blue Line) - 110 spaces
    • Howard (Red/Purple/Yellow Lines) - 56 spaces
    • Jefferson Park (Blue Line) - 120 spaces
    • Loyola (Red Line) - 48 spaces
    • Midway (Orange Line) - 112 spaces
    • Sox-35th (Red Line) - 42 spaces
    • Western (Orange Line) - 18 spaces
    • 95th/Dan Ryan (Red Line) - 32 spaces
  • In 2012, two lighted and partially-sheltered bicycle parking areas were installed at CTA’s Morse and Thorndale Red Line stations, each with space for up to 108 bicycles. The Thorndale station also received a DIY bike repair stand, the seventh installed in the City of Chicago.  The
  • CTA’s Bike & Ride program contributes to the City of Chicago Bike 2015 Plan and the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 to make Chicago a more bicycle-friendly city.
  • The CTA is a participant in the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee to help improve bike-transit connections in Chicago.


icon Car Sharing

  • Car sharing allows members to use cars on an hourly basis, providing the flexibility of owning a car without the financial burden. When located near public transit, car sharing services can increase transit ridership and reduce vehicle ownership. 
  • In 2004, CTA approved a pilot program with I-GO Car Sharing to park shared cars at five CTA locations. An expanded car sharing program with I-GO and Zipcar now offers more than 60 shared cars at more than 20 different CTA locations.
  • In early 2009, CTA and I-GO launched the Chicago Card Plus/I-GO Card, which can be used to ride CTA and access I-GO vehicles. This innovative program promotes transit use for I-GO members and provides an additional travel option for CTA customers. 


icon Pedestrian Access

  • The CTA and the City of Chicago hold regular meetings to further transit-friendly development through rail station-area studies and policy development.
  • The CTA is a participant in the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee to improve pedestrian access in the City, especially to transit facilities.
  • The CTA is also represented on the Mayor’s Streetscapes Advisory Committee to help integrate transit planning with the greening of City corridors.


icon Video: Bike & Ride


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